Some Like It Hot

Kudos to Jessica Holroyd for winning the 2019 Some Like It Hot Sauce Contest!!!!

In 2020, we’re really bringing on the heat!!! See if you can challenge Jessica’s title!!!

The Details

Ten rounds of consecutively hotter hot sauce will challenge your taste buds! Each round consists of a cracker with three drops of that level hot sauce. If you can stand it, you move on to the next round, if you can’t you don’t. Make it to round 10 and its a sudden death as each remaining contestant eats hot sauce drenched cracker after hot sauce drenched cracker until only one contestant remains!

The Buy-in

$5 gets you into the competition and through levels 1, 2 and 3. If you want to proceed to levels 4, 5 & 6, its another $5. Think you can make it to levels 7, 8 & 9? You guessed, another $5. The first round of level 10 is free. After that, its $1 for each repeat of level 10.

Peer Pressure

Everyone has that one friend who is sure he/she can eat the hottest sauce there is. Well, here’s your chance to pressure them into proving their words! You can sponsor your buddy to keep him/her going in the competition! We’re not advocating bullying here, just saying a little peer pressure can be fun!